2019 May 30 Thursday


2019 May 30 Thursday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Des Moines, Iowa

55° and mostly clear that turned into a beautiful 77° sun drenched day. Praise the Lord for some warm sunshine, it does my soul good!

We had coffee with friends at Cutty’s cafe this morning. We always manage to get in a few laughs which is a great way to start the day.

Of course, because it was another day off for me, we went to the Grimes Senior Center for games and lunch.

After lunch, we stopped at Wally-World for some hair products. It’s time to start “training” my moustache. I also found something to give the beard a little extra shine and hold. Normally, in the off season (not Christmas), I don’t do much to it other than wash and condition. The beard has aged to a nice natural white, which saves me from bleaching and tinting. However, with some Christmas in July events coming up soon, I’ve begun thinking more about my appearance.

Upon returning home, I spent some more time fighting the Battle of the Patio. No matter how much leaves, seeds, and other tree trash I remove, there is always more there behind me.

Having reached an impasse on the patio, I retired to my recliner for a nap. Then I checked my email and found a notice that our worship bulletins for this coming Sunday, were printed and ready for pick up in the church office. Over this past winter, the church office and pastor’s office were moved from the basement to the second floor.

That’s a lot of stairs to climb for someone with bad knees. I asked Ella to go with me and climb the stairs instead of my climbing them. She agreed. She had both of her knees replaced 13 years ago and they work very well.

Once again returning home, we got our naps.

After the nap, I returned to do battle once more upon the patio.

I even put the patio umbrella up.

Even though it is under the awning and seemingly unnecessary, it helps to visually define the area beneath the umbrella.

The sun didn’t so much “set” as just slowly fade into the haze in the western sky.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams


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