2019 July 22 Monday


2019 July 22 Monday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

65° and clear


The Grimes senior center received day old bread from the local Subway. The center wraps them and we are allowed to take them home. I skillet toasted some for breakfast this mourning. Reality good.

I worked the fee booth from 8 to 3 today. My shift was other at two thirty. However, I had someone come in shortly before a pay with 2 $100 bills which took all my change. That meant I was unable to close out my drawer at shift change. I had to send somebody to the office to break the hundred dollar bills so that I could balance my drawer. And they set up all ones and fives, $200 worth of ones and fives. It took extra time to count and ruin a tape.

So, shortly after 3 I arrived home ants ate lunch.

Then I took a 10-15 minute nap.

Then I let Ella me at more games of Fast Track. Yes, I won a few also!

The sun, low on the horizon, shining up on the bottom leaves.

God bless and g’nite

*I’m overdue for a knee replacement (or 2?)

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

day 43/77


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