2019 August 08 Thursday


2019 August 08 Thursday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

68° and cloudy. “Another cold front will also trigger showers and thunderstorms from the central Plains into the Midwest. Afternoon temperatures will be 70s and 80s because of the clouds and rainfall.

More widely scattered and less organized thunderstorms will develop this afternoon across the Midwest.” (By WeatherBug Sr. Meteorologist, James West)

The sun peeked hopefully over the horizon and was quickly swallowed by hungry clouds.

For breakfast I fixed scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese in flour tortilla shells. I had intended to add salsa, but I forgot. I just served the salsa as a side.

After breakfast we went to the cafe and found more of the gang had returned. Sandy and Francis, Stoney and Sue, Bob, Ella and I.

At the senior center, we had Swedish meatballs with potatoes and gravy*. Except the the meatballs were missing allspice and cardamom. The gravy had neither milk, cream, or sour cream in it. It was just a gelatinous brown mass. You can call a cow a horse. But that doesn’t make it a horse. *And these were not Swedish meatballs.

I mentioned to Ella that I would like to build a higher box on the back of the pickup so that we can haul more stuff back and forth. I have already built a box in the truck bed. (See photos above) I just want to raise it 18″-24″.

She suggested that we should just look for a topper for the back of the pickup.

Good idea! So much simpler!

We drove across town to the only place I knew that actually sold those pickup topper shells. He had only one that would fit our truck and it was the wrong color. Our truck is charcoal gray and the topper was burgundy. It was also $685 which was more than I intend to spend. I can build my raised box way cheaper.

Next Ella suggested we ask son John, the mechanic. We drove to his work and only interrupted him for a few minutes. He said that was probably the best price that we would pay anywhere. And he didn’t know of any others. But he would ask around.

We drove a long and twisted route to get back to Cutty’s. While we were in town we went to the Beaver Bend area of Urbandale and stopped at Snookie’s Malt Shop.

I had two “Sheldon Cooper” moments at Snookies today. First of all I’m bothered by the two “S”s that are upside down in this sign.

Secondly, I ordered a medium chocolate malt and was given a small. When they discovered the error, they brought an additional small malt. With leaves me wondering, after I drink the appropriate amount of the second malt to equal a medium, what am I to do with the remainder? It seems dishonest to drink more malt than I paid for. Suggestion?

The remainder of the day was spent in mind numbing tv watching.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

Day 94 in Iowa


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