2019 August 29 Thursday


2019 August 29 Thursday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

58° and clear. Now we’re getting closer to a normal August (2 days left in the month) weather with a high of 87°.

Now that is impressive!

Still impressive 45 minutes later.

Okay, okay! I’m impressed!

Not a large storm nor long lasting, but mighty!

A good morning for French toast. Also a good morning to not go to the cafe for coffee.

The sky cleared, the sun came out, and we went to the Grimes Senior Center for lunch and games.

I was low on the diabetic vitamin packs. However Walmart has discontinued selling them. I know that Costco carries a similar product so we went to Costco to buy vitamins. When I got to the checkout lane, I found out that my Costco membership had expired back in April. So I renewed it. I had completely forgotten about the fact that Ella and I had talked about not renewing it because we don’t use it often enough. Well I now have a membership that is good for another year. I guess I’ll need to find a reason to use my Costco membership more.

On the way home we stopped at Ace hardware for some reflectors and clear adhesive sealant. Theseare for my truck topper.

The first thing on my to do list was a … nap. I rested for about an hour. However, I only napped for about 5 minutes.

Then I worked on the topper some more. I changed the position of the hinge. That required to shorten the door by 1-1/2″ and reconnecting it. I did some touchup painting. I also installed the reflectors. I forgot to take photos. Sorry.

As we were leaving the resort for supper, we saw our grandson and his friend bringing their camping trailers into Cutty’s. After a drive through McDonald’s, we returned and found where they were setting up. They were busy and in a hurry to get to their homes, sojust said our hi and bye.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 115 in Iowa.


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