2019 September 04 Wednesday


2019 September 04 Wednesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa 57° and mostly clear. Seventeen degrees difference than yesterday morning. The sun stayed awake today and it was 83° by 1 o’clock.

Another perfectly timed sunrise. Honestly, I woke up just minutes before taking the photo.

The coffee group gathered at Cutty’s clubhouse today because the cafe is on their “off season” hours now and not open early now.

We stopped at the post office before going to the center for gamer and lunch.

There was bingo after lunch.

From the senior center we went to Village Inn for pie.

I was so drowsy that I was glad to get home and take a nap. I slept for maybe five minutes. So, by 5 o’clock I was feeling like going to bed. However Wednesday is Mexican Train dominoes night.

I was too tired to be around fire and sharp instruments. We went to the cafe for pizza.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 121 in Iowa.


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