2019 September 06 Friday


2019 September 06 Friday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

60° and mostly cloudy.

There is no sunshine today, even when my weather app says it is 63° and sunny. My thermometer says 59° and by looking at the sky, I’m saying that is completely overcast.


This is what I did yesterday. I added 20 more blocks to surround the outdoor fireplace. Now there is almost zero chance that the wood pile will catch a spark.

The coffee gang meet at the clubhouse again this morning. Tomorrow the cafe will be be open early enough for us to meet there for coffee.

Each of the area centers have a Wii bowling league, and once a year there is a big competition between the centers. This year our center will be hosting it. So we have been setting out table decorations with bowling themes Duane, a member, made pin, balls, and Wii remotes out of wood.

I worked from 2 until 9 today.

Meanwhile Ella did laundry and played Card Jackpot.

Here are some of the many … many geese that spend their au summers here.


God bless and g’nite

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Day 123 in Iowa. 66 work days


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