2019 September 17 Tuesday


2019 September 17 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

Another hazy day, which means another day of high humidity. 70° it reached an uncomfortable 92°.

The Cutty’s Coffee Gang met at Casey’s this morning. We did not stay long because we had dentist appointments early this morning.

I had a teeth cleaning.

By this masked person.

While that was happening, Ella had several molds made of her teeth and an extraction.

Having had a tooth pulled, she was restricted to Jello, pudding, and yogurt. None of which we had at home. Therefore we had to go to a grocery store. We took an extended circuitous route to get to Walmart. We took the roads less traveled. We went Saylorville Dam, down through Johnston to the Walmart in Grimes.

Once at home we played several we played several variations of Fast Track. We took naps after which I did some cleaning on a couple of things that we will be taking with us to Texas this year.

In the early evening we went to Grimes for ice cream at Heavenly Delites.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 134 in Iowa.


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