2019 September 28 Saturday


2019 September 28 Saturday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

The golden eye in the sky.

The Coffee Gang at Cutty’s cafe this morning.

Almost everything is in the truck and ready to go. The livingroom looks much nicer without all of those boxes. Tomorrow morning the refrigerator gets emptied into the ice chest. Then the ice chest and overnight bag go in the truck.

By the way, that is not Ella, it’s a decoration.

This is Spooktacular weekend so so kids will be coming around around begging for treats. Many campers are direct decorated with their Halloween finery.

My longtime friend, Lyn, turned 70 today. She owns a ballroom and was working tonight. Her daughter planned a huge surprise party for her. Friends snd family took over the duties for the night so that Lyn could just circulate and visit with people she hadn’t seen in years.

That’s not a real cake, but there at are 70 candles on it.

She was sprayed with silly string and retaliated by picking it out of her hair and throwing it back at the kids.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 144 in Iowa and tomorrow we head back toward our Texas home.


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