2019 October 05 Saturday


2019 October 05 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas 66° and clear as crystal. Predicted high of 92° and no air conditioning. It missed the predicted high by a couple degrees, reached 94.

We had nothing on our “must get done” list for today. I woke long before first light and enjoyed the coolness of the morning air.

We went over to the Stocktank Market around 11 a.m. I really like the look of the siding. It was constructed to look much older than it is.

We needed to replenish a few perishables. We had about a quart of milk that we brought from Iowa. It traveled in the cooler alright. However, I put it in the refrigerator before it had a chance to cool completely. RV refrigerators use a different cooling system than a standard household appliance and they are slower to reach operating temperature. Therefore, the milk spoiled and needed to be replacedWe went to Walmart for bacon, chicken and milk among a few other items such as bottled water.

God bless and g’nite

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