2019 October 08 Tuesday


2019 October 08 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

A very pleasant 55° this morning that reached 84° by mid afternoon.

A white ball in an orange sky at daybreak.

I was trying to photograph the miles of bumper to bumper traffic in/through Liberty Hill this morning. But since we were driving into the sun, the sun is what you see.

We were on the move because I had an eight o’clock appointment with my VA doctor. I arrived at 8:04 and was still checking in we when I was called back to her examine room. The results of my labwork were all good with the exception of my A1C which is higher than previously. I do a go good job of not eating sweets … unless there are sweets to eat. I truly do not crack cravecandy. I’m more of a salty snack eater. However, if there are candies or pasteries in the house, I will gobble them down.

From my doctor’s we went to Ella’s Ear Nose and Throat doctor to check on an appointment. She has for Friday.

We then went to the Georgetown senior center for lunch.

When we returned home it was still relatively cool or at least bearable inside. I began working to update some of my blogs, but soon dozed off.

When I woke, I was surprised that I had slept so long. I fixed a bowl of cereal so that I could take my supper pills before going into church for the Tuesday night prayer meeting. I forgot that the wall clock is an hour off. See the October 06 post for more about the clock.

It was cooler preside than indium inside so outside I went, to wait until it was really time to go to church. When the time came, I told Ella to get in the truck. She seemed confused. She had forgotten about the prayer meeting.

When we returned from church, it was considerably cooler inside.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 7 in our Texas home.


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