2019 October 10 Thursday


2019 October 10 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

76° and foggy/hazy that broke th through about 9:30 became mostly clear and 93° inside and out.

There were 44 at Over The Hill Gang today. Not bad for a day that they aren’t serving chicken. That’s right, the once a month day, when they serve fried chicken, is the most attend attended day of the moon month. Today they served meatloaf (the food, not the singer/actor)The meatloaf contained onions. Th The last time I are meatloaf weedy containing onions, I look looked like this …

and spent 6 hours in the emergency room. I no longer eat onions. Instead, for lunch, i had some very bland pinto beans.

The Laundromat in Leander has excellent air conditioning and a comfy couch. Not coincidentally, they also have washing machines and clothes dryers. Our home has neither washers and dryers nor air conditioning. So, it seemed like a good idea to hang out at the laundromat for a few hours today.Wal-Mart also has air conditioning among other items that we wanted to purchase. So, we hung out at Wal-Mart for awhile also.Even after all these tactics to delay going home, we still had to go home. It was 93.7° inside when we arrived.I have contacted 3 RV repair “specialists” and have yet to have any of them call me back.God bless and g’nite

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Day 9 in our Texas home.


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