2019 October 19 Saturday


  • 2019 October 19 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

I really wish that pole in the photo. But I was feeling too lazy to move to a better spot from which to take the photo.

I had trouble getting to sleep last last night. And in spite of what the above chart shows, i didn’t go back to sleep after 6:30. I didn’t get up (except to take a sunrise photo), but I didn’t sleep.

We had a late breakfast of hashbrowns, bacon, toast, and eggs.

2:30 PM and the inside temperature is 90°

And The outside temperature our is 89°.

And Rudolf the red nosed truck read 95° in the shade. We went for a drive to let the wind blow through to cool us. We checked for mail at the mailbox and then went to the post office and checked the mail there also. We also stopped at Dairy Queen to cool us inside and out.

Then we continued our aimless drive for about an hour and 36+ miles.

When we returned home, it was 90° outside

and 96° inside

We choose to sit under our awning on the east side of the RV. A nice little breeze made it seem cooler than it really was.

The plan here was to stow this stuff in an orderly fashion. I think the new plan is to build a shelf with an edge (to keep stuff from sliding off) at the front. Friday the 25th we will be hauling a load off aluminum cans to the recycle center in Marble Falls.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that we came home to a grass fire in the goat pen. The pen is my just acrossed a gravel drive from our home. The owner was out there with a water hose, dousing the fire.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 19 in our Texas home.


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