2019 December 13 Friday

2019 December 13 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

gracious good morning to you! May your day be filled with wonder and joy. The sun is shining and the birds are singing … or at least making a racket.

he toll road was relatively free of traffic this morning.

I saw one vehicle stopped by the police this morning which may account why the majority were traveling closer to the speed limit.

s of 1:00 p.m. we had a slow but steady stream of traffic to see Santa. As usual I had more visits than the photographers had photo sales. I don’t understand why they aren’t trained in any sales techniques. I don’t understand why they don’t take photos of those who “just want to talk to Santa”. It is digital photography, you have not incurred any expense by clicking the button on the camera. It costs the potential customer nothing to look at the image on the screen. If they don’t want to buy it, you’ve lost nothing. If they like the photo, you’ve turned a profit. What am I missing here?

round 1:30 I received a call from the district manager for Cherry Hill (the photography company) asking if I would be willing to go to San Antonio and cover the evening set at Rolling Oaks Mall. I said yes.

was willing to drive the hour and a half (if traffic was good), work until 9 p.m., drive the two hours home, and be back at Lakeline Mall at ten o’clock tomorrow. I was willing, but not wanting to do it. I never received a “go ahead” and at 4:30 the set manager said he was told that it was covered and I could go home. Whew!

he items I brought home yesterday for the food pantry, were taken to our church today. Ella made arrangements for a friend, who was going there tonight, to take them. I’m glad that was taken care of.

God bless and g’nite.

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