2020 January 07 Tuesday

2020 January 07 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

nother sleepless night. I’m feeling better – not well – but better. The injection yesterday is working. I’m also on steroids and an antiviral for the next week.

e went to breakfast at Hobo Junction. This is my number one place for breakfast. Number two would be IHOP. Number three Village Inn / Baker’s Square (same menu). I just had an idea for am activity for seniors. You’ve heard of a “bar crawl“? Maybe I should get a bunch of senior citizens together and do a breakfast crawl. Have each pick a favorite place for breakfast. Obviously, they would have to be breakfast-served-all-day restaurants. What is your favorite breakfast?

ap time for me was intent of purpose, when we returned from breakfast. I just didn’t know that Ella was also going to take a morning nap.

bout 2:30 we drove to Wal-Mart on Walton way so Ella could get her ears lowered. At the same time, I was returning a Bluetooth earbud. We tried with 3 different devices to “find” the buds. I even disconnected all other possible Bluetooth devises, just on the off chance that they were somehow causing interference. Nope. Didn’t work.

e had several hours before tonight’s prayer meeting art Cross Tracks Church. We had some frozen, boneless ribs but not a lot of time to thaw. I but them in the instapot on saute with the lid on and set to steam. When could smell the meat beginning you brown, I released the steam and opened the lid. Turned the ribs over and added BBQ sauce. I turned a streamer basket upside down over the meat and placed a small spring pan on top with pork and beans. Then set the auto setting to meat and adjusted the time to twenty minutes. Locked the lid and closed the steam valve. ‘Twas good.

The prayer meeting was very good tonight we prayed for the sick, the infirm and the homeless in our families, friends, neighbors and strangers. We prayed for our local church, the corporate church and the church church world wide. We prayed for the people affected by the great fire inn Australia. For victims of earthquakes and clouds. There were prayers for the strife between people’s and nations. Prayers for those who go into harms way for the sake of others. We also sang hymns of praise. We connected as a family.

‘m now sitting here working on my blogs and waiting fire time to take my pills before bed.

God bless and g’nite

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  • Day 99 in our Texas home

*The Over The Hill Gang, (3307 RR 1869) Any area senior 50 years or older is invited to join for fellowship and a meal every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The first meal is free; afterwards, individuals are asked to donate $6 for their meal.**Grandies welcomes those 50+ every week with friendship, games and a ministry to connect to others. As a special part of their ministry, Grandies sign and send greeting cards with inspirational messages to those serving in the military, the sick or homebound and church members celebrating happy milestones like birthdays and graduation. Since this ministry started, more than 3,300 cards have been sent!

In the summer, Grandies also work to make available snack packs through Operation Liberty Hill for children who may not otherwise have enough food without a school in session. Additionally, they provide meals at Vacation Bible School and host bake sales twice a year to raise funds for their important works.

Wednesdays, 9 a.m.
Currently meets at the OTHG building (3307 RR 1869)


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