2020 February 11 Tuesday

2020 February 11 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

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ook at that! I actually went to sleep before midnight. I got in eight and a half hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep.

asty cold and rain, seems like a good day to stay home, dry and warm. To that end I called the senior center and cancelled out reservation for today.

othing but gray skies and puddles. Sounds like a country western song doesn’t it?

t is a great day to have a fire in the fireplace (even if it is only electric). It still gives off heat and even though I know that the flames are not real, they are still as mesmerizing as real flames.

aking scalloped potatoes and ham for lunch. I used a combination of our Instapot and oven.

long with the scalloped potatoes and ham, I mixed some soda bread together also. I’ve been wanting soda bread and didn’t want to wait for Saint Patrick’s Day. Plus, I already had the oven heated.

I just sat down after clearing away the dishes and leftovers from lunch, and I realized that I didn’t photograph the finished products. Where is my TARDIS when I really need it?

ell, I took this photograph of the soda bread even though it has been torn apart.

Again no sunset photo.It was too dark at “sunset”.

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  • Day 132 in our Texas home

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