2020 February 20 Thursday

2020 February 20 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas http://www.tomandellajournal.comam slowly easing my journaling to my other blog http://TomAndEllaJournal.comRVingFulltimeWithTomAndElla was originally set up to blog our RV journey. As both of our RVs are on, more or less, permanent sites now, it seems reasonable to change our focus to journaling this stage of our lives on http://TomAndEllaJournal.com.If you have been following this, the old site, I strongly encourage you to follow our continuing story on http://TomAndEllaJournal.com. Thank youine hours of sleep? I told you I was tired. Really, I think I truly did need the sleep. I try to turn my restless mind off at night as I lay in bed. However, it races along, swerving from one thought to another.orty degrees that feels like thirty three. Did I mention that our tree’s buds are beginning to open?.lood clotting factor two point three. ✔ Vitamins sorted (taken with breakfast). ✔ Weight, two hundred ninety seven. ✔ All internal systems nominal. ✔eorge Forman ready to prepare our breakfast. Yes, we have a celebrity cook at our home.his is my favorite way to toast English muffins. Although, since I butter them before toasting them, they are technically speaking, fried.

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  • Day 142 in our Texas home
  • *The Over The Hill Gang, (3307 RR 1869) Any area senior 50 years or older is invited to join for fellowship and a meal every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The first meal is free; afterwards, individuals are asked to donate $6 for their meal.

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