2020 February 22 Saturday

2020 February 22 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas am slowly easing my journaling to my other blog http://TomAndEllaJournal.com RVingFulltimeWithTomAndElla was originally set up to blog our RV journey. As both of our RVs are on, more or less, permanent sites now, it seems reasonable to change our focus to journaling this stage of our lives on http://TomAndEllaJournal.com.If you have been following this, the old site, I strongly encourage you to follow our continuing story on http://TomAndEllaJournal.com. Thank youmailto:TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.comight after midnight, I went to sleep and slept straight through until about quarter after seven.orty two degrees is better than thirty two degrees and partly cloudy is better than completely cloudy.t was also a good day for a sunrise photograph. Now, I’ll admit that I adjusted the color slightly but it sure is pretty.Wash day has come again! As I think back to my childhood, I remember what a big deal things like “perma press and wash and wear” were. Just imagine never having to iron clothes ever again. Why haven’t we developed clothing that never needs washing?

captured some nice looking photographs before the sun disappeared for the night.

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