2020 January 12 Sunday

2020 January 12 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas s you can see, this was another night with uneasy sleep. The doctor’s magic potions may be helping the shingles to heal, but I still feel as though I’ve been punched in the back, kidneys, and ribs. And worst of all, I didn’t have a chance toContinue reading “2020 January 12 Sunday”

2020 January 11 Saturday

2020 January 11 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas t was another Saturday when there was no place we HAD to be. It went from cold to cool and back to cold. So staying home and doing nothing was the preferred activity today. e did take a break from doing nothing inn the late afternoon. WeContinue reading “2020 January 11 Saturday”

2020 January 10 Friday

2020 January 10 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas . f I truly had foresight and wisdom, I wouldn’t have made so many wrong turns on the road of life. ep! It’s cloudy alright and kinda dark for a sunrise photo, don’t ya think? I expect it will lighten as we go throughout the day. indsContinue reading “2020 January 10 Friday”

2020 January 09 Thursday

2020 January 09 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas e had lunch at the Over The Hill Gang* today. That is to say 50 to 60 people had lunch. I, on the other hand, had mashed potatoes and cornbread because every other thing in the meal contained onions. If you are new to the blog, I’mContinue reading “2020 January 09 Thursday”

2020 January 08 Wednesday

2020 January 08 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas ix and a half hours of sleep! It’s been about a week since I have slept that much! Praise the Lord. I call aloud to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. I lie down and sleep. I wake up again because the LORDContinue reading “2020 January 08 Wednesday”

2020 January 06 Monday

2020 January 06 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas ot much sleep again. These pains inn my back and side make it hard to be comfortable for sleeping. irst thing this morning I made an appointment with the nurse practitioner for 1:45. I also made one for Ella at 2:00. fter a simple breakfast of oatmeal,Continue reading “2020 January 06 Monday”

2020 January 05 Sunday

2020 January 05 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas . t church today we welcomed our pastor back. He had been on a forced “time out” following things that were said in his sermon on September 29. Which was the Sunday before we arrived in Texas, so we have no first hand knowledge if what wasContinue reading “2020 January 05 Sunday”

2020 January 04 Saturday

2020 January 04 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas . didn’t sleep well. Three hours and twenty four minutes of sleep and not much of that was restful. I have had a backache for several days now. Last night it seemed as though the pain was also on the side of my lower abdomen. I mightContinue reading “2020 January 04 Saturday”

2020 January 03 Friday

2020 January 03 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas ery colorful sky as the sun begins its long, slow climb into the air. With a predicted high of 56, it appears that all the sunshine isn’t going to be converted to heat in the atmosphere. I still have hopes that, as it streams through our windows,Continue reading “2020 January 03 Friday”

2020 January 02 Thursday

2020 January 02 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas espite some color in the clouds just before dawn, the sky soon turned the same gray as yesterday’s sky. e drove into Liberty Hill, hoping that the Over The Hill Gang* would be meeting for lunch, fellowship, and canasta. However, the building was dark and empty. inceContinue reading “2020 January 02 Thursday”