2020 January 22 Wednesday

2020 January 22 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas . o sunrise today and therefore no sunrise photo. Did you notice the predicted high was only four degree warmer than at “sunrise”? hen we started our Grandies** meeting today there were only eight of us. More came straggling in a few at a time until weContinue reading “2020 January 22 Wednesday”

2020 January 19 Sunday

2020 January 19 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas slept eight hours! If the alarm hadn’t gone of at seven o’clock, I might have slept a whole lot more. hirty three degrees that feels like twenty eight is cold, right? Before you answer that question, take a look below at the current temperature in our summerContinue reading “2020 January 19 Sunday”

2020 January 14 Tuesday

2020 January 14 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas OG! More fog. The fog cleared by mid day but remained overcast until late afternoon. The afternoon sun streaming through the windows raised the inside heat to the place that I closed the door and activated the air conditioner. e drove into the urologist in Cedar ParkContinue reading “2020 January 14 Tuesday”

2020 January 12 Sunday

2020 January 12 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas s you can see, this was another night with uneasy sleep. The doctor’s magic potions may be helping the shingles to heal, but I still feel as though I’ve been punched in the back, kidneys, and ribs. And worst of all, I didn’t have a chance toContinue reading “2020 January 12 Sunday”

2020 January 08 Wednesday

2020 January 08 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas ix and a half hours of sleep! It’s been about a week since I have slept that much! Praise the Lord. I call aloud to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. I lie down and sleep. I wake up again because the LORDContinue reading “2020 January 08 Wednesday”

2020 January 05 Sunday

2020 January 05 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas . t church today we welcomed our pastor back. He had been on a forced “time out” following things that were said in his sermon on September 29. Which was the Sunday before we arrived in Texas, so we have no first hand knowledge if what wasContinue reading “2020 January 05 Sunday”

2020 January 01 Wednesday

2020 January 01 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas + o sunrise this morning. We are completely overcast. And it didn’t change at all throughout the entire day. was awakened several times in the wee hours of the morning when my Cpap machine stopped and then restarted on its own. I was concern that the powerContinue reading “2020 January 01 Wednesday”

2019 December 29 Sunday

2019 December 29 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas very pretty sky just before the sunrise. It looks kings of surreal, don’t you think? was pleased to bring the message today at Cross Tracks Church. The title of the sermon was “How Herod the Grinch Tried to Steal Christmas.” I also wrote the children’s sermon inContinue reading “2019 December 29 Sunday”

2019 December 18 Wednesday

2019 December 18 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t got right down chili last night. I had to even close my bedroom window. And for a change, I slept under the sheet and the comforter. Ella also had a fleece blanket throw over her. he drive into work was uneventful other than dropping Ella offContinue reading “2019 December 18 Wednesday”

2019 December 17 Tuesday

2019 December 17 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas left home a little early this morning because I needed gas in the truck. I got to the gas station only to realize I didn’t have my billfold. Ah oh! I called Ella and ask her to look around home to see if it was there. ItContinue reading “2019 December 17 Tuesday”