2018 January 19 Friday

2018 January 19 Friday

Ella posted, “Tonight is last night in Iowa until spring. I said the final goodbye to Cindy’s husband Doug, gotten to know my youngest great grandson better, and witnessed the busy schedules of my grown children and grandchildren. It will be good to be home with Tom. And to go to my own doctors. I hope to get to feeling better, but I’ll miss my kids.”

She did arrive home safely. Her flight was due in at 11:55 p.m. and was right on schedule. It is a 50 mile / 50 minute drive one way.

It was foggy due to a warm air mass moving into our area. Somehow the fog seemed fitting. Two weeks ago it was foggy in the morning when she left.

Because of the fog, I left home about 8:45. I still made good time inspite of the weather. It is about ten miles from my door to the toll road. And I took it nearly all the way to the airport, so there were not a lot of stops in-between.

She has had a hacking coughing cold the whole time she’s been gone. She still cannot talk without coughing. Plus she just doesn’t have any voice left.

We arrived back home around 1:30 a.m. and didn’t waste any time going to bed and to sleep.


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