2018 February 22 Thursday

2018 February 22 Thursday in Liberty Hill Texas

2018-02-22_09.05.09.jpgWhen I looked in the mirror this morning I discovered a bruise about the size of a half dollar. (I haven’t seen a half dollar in a long time. Have you?) I have no idea of why I have a bruise. I don’t remember anything hitting me. Which is why I suspect Ella. Grin

30° and lite rain to start the day. With that combination I was concerned that the roads would be iced. However we had no problems with our six mile drive into Liberty Hill and the Over the Hill Gang.

It was around ten thirty we we arrived. About a half dozen people were there then. Ella and I played a game of Fast Track and were starting a second game when Betty joined us. By then the crowd began to arrive. We normally have around 60 show up for lunch. Our game ended just as they were starting to make the announcements. After the announcements and blessing, we had shepherd’s pie for lunch. This was a new addition to our meal rotation. It was alright but in my opinion had too much raw garlic taste to it. I think it would have been better with either less garlic or if they had sauteed the garlic first.

Last Tuesday Ella let her purse at the Leander Senior center. Once she realized what she’d done, she called and asked them to hang on to it until we came back in town. We needed to be in Cedar Park for Ella’s appointment with the ENT doctor at four. Since we would be passing by the center, it would be a good time to retrieve the purse. However they were closing around one thirty.

With two and a half hours between, it seemed like a good time to do laundry.IMG_20180222_124953.jpg Laundry used up an hour.. We then burned another three quarters of an hour at Walmart.

2018-02-22_15.21.47.jpgThen drove through Dairy Queen before sitting at the ENT’s waiting for them to call Ella’s name. When she got to see them, they did a hearing test. And yes, she had significant loss of hearing in her right ear again. They took her into a surgery room and, after removing some wax, put a tube in her ear. She had requested a green tube to go with our Christmas themed life. Unfortunately they were out of green so she has a blue tube in her ear. So, if you ever get close enough to see her eardrum, don’t be shocked by the blue. Grin

Around 5:45 when we left the ENT, it was surprisingly dark. It had been overcast and misting all day but this seemed darker than I had expected. As we moved a little further down the road the fog enveloped us. I shot some video but the camera automatically adjusted for the darkness which made the view through the camera a lot brighter. Since it was so much clearer through the phone screen, I wondered why we haven’t replaced windshields with video displays.

This video doesn’t exist


When we were about a mile from home it started to rain. We had laundry and groceries to unload from the truck so I pulled as close to our door as possible. I grabbed the clean clothes and the bag with our games and rushed inside. (needed to use the bathroom) As I came outside and was moving some things around on the porch, Ella fell into the mud. With assistance from me she eventually got off the ground. She said that she was okay. I got her inside and finished unloading the truck. That’s when I realized what a mess we’d made on the carpet. Even though I’d wiped my feet when I brought the clothes in, I had not bothered when I was getting Ella inside. After it drys, we’ll see how well it vacuums up. The rest of the evening was much quieter and calmer.


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