2018 February 23 Friday

2018 February 23 Friday in Liberty Hill Texas

39° and rain to start the day. While Ella lay in bed, I started some pancakes. I use the waffle batter recipe when I make pancakes because it makes higher, fluffier pancakes. I used the George Forman grill that I’d posted about awhile back. I also used the cute little silicone rings to make perfect round cakes. ¼ cup of batter in each ring is just right. I watch for the bubbles to form and leave “dents” in the cake before I flip it … ring and all. Once it has cooked a while longer, I carefully lift the ring off and then gently lift the cake to see if it is brown enough on the bottom. After the last cakes were out of the rings, I started our eggs in them and added a couple strips of bacon to the grill pan also.

Ella wanted to reheat a cup of coffee in the microwave. Unfortunately, that is when the circuit breaker blew. Now I know that an electric heater, electric fireplace, electric grill, and microwave are too much for the circuit. With the heater, fireplace, and microwave off; I finished the eggs and bacon.

Fridays we go to the Senior Center in Leander. However, it is such a crummy looking day out, that we decided to stay home and in. So, our relatively boring life became uber boring today.

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