2018 February 24 Saturday

2018 February 24 Saturday in Liberty Hill Texas

Occasional rain and 65° at 5:30 a.m. with 25 mph wind gusts. I didn’t see lightning but heard the thunder. No place to go today so it looks like it will be another quiet day at home.

We’ve had over an inch and a half of rain this week. That is a good thing. Not enough to break the drought but good. We can put up with a little mud. I just want to keep it outside.

Along mid afternoon the sun came out. It warmed to 73° outside and with all the windows open and a fan going it was hard to keep it below 80° inside. It was too nice to have our home all opened up to think about turning the air conditioner on.

As predicted, we went nowhere. I never stopped outside other than to secure the door open. We played games, sorted our pills for the next couple of weeks, read, and watch TV on our phones.
I’ve been binge watching Farscape. It premiered in March 1999 and ended it’s run in October 2004. I’m at season four episode five which aired in July 2002. I only remember a few times that I saw it when it was new.

Here is a treat for those who’ve read this far into the ‘do nothin’ day’. Sunset was great.


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