2018 March 03 Saturday

2018 March 03 Saturday in Liberty Hill Texas

While it started out looking like it was going to be sunny, around ten the sky became completely overcast and gray. It was 60° at five thirty and didn’t change much all afternoon either.

Saturday and nothing to do and all day to do it. Hey! It just dawned on me … I have a WEEKEND!

I’ve been retired for about a decade and am always surprised when someone says, “Have a good weekend.” or “What did you do this weekend?” I actually have forgotten how much I loved the weekends and counted the days until they arrived.

Being retired does not mean having nothing to do (if you’re doing it correctly) it only means that you have (usually) chosen the things that you have to do. As opposed to having someone else choose where you are, what time you are to be there, when you can leave, how long you have for lunch, and on and on.

Yessiree I have no one that I have to answer to but my God. Oh, and wife. Oh and grandkids. And great grandkids. Yes and the kids also. Okay now that I think about it I’m not as free as I thought.

Because we lazed around this morning, breakfast was later (and larger) than usual.

Which meant that lunch was mid afternoon and supper ended up being popcorn.

Which meant that lunch was mid afternoon and supper ended up being popcorn.
No sunset photos because the sun never broke through.


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