2018 May 27 Sunday

2018 May 27 Sunday in Grimes Iowa

72° to start the day with 90° at noon under mostly cloudless sky. I didn’t get a photo of the white hot sun at the edge of the world this morning. It would not have been pretty. It reached 99° locally and is simply 87° at ten p.m.

Today was the first worship service for the season. Patty Smith, Ella and I plus the Lord were all in attendance.

At the end to the season last year the club board decided to do away with all signage for events, including our worship service. I have a feeling that it will impact our attendance the most of all the events. Time will tell.

When we were going to bed last night I closed the Venetian blinds and it seemed that the one over our dining area didn’t close properly. This morning after worship I discovered why. The cord on one side had broken. To many years in the hot sun, I guess.

After lunch I removed it and went to Home Depot for a replacement.

While on the way to Home Depot Ella received a call inviting us to son John’s for a cookout.

We made our purchase of the blind. And went to the nearby Target for a dessert and soft drinks to take to the cookout.

And then it was off to John’s. It was a nice family gathering.

John has several acres on the edge of town which was a great place to gather. It was hot but manageable in the shade

I took this sunset photo as we were driving through Des Moines.

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