2018 May 28 Monday

2018 May 28 Monday in Grimes Iowa Memorial Day

76° to start the day. A freak storm in the middle and still 80° at 10:00 p.m.

It is Memorial Day 2018. A day of remembrance. A day of loss. If you do a Google search you will find that over twenty-five places claim the title of the first celebration of Memorial Day in the U.S. However, the concept of remembering the dead, of honoring the dead, of visiting the dead, and in caring for the burial places of the dead is as old as humanity.

According to archeological digs, even in the Paleolithic (old stone age) our species practiced burial customs.

Once it was thought that this was something that made us unique. However, it has been discovered that chimpanzees, elephants and even magpies also bury their dead.

Perhaps we are not as different from the rest of God’s creation as we think. We may not even be the only creatures on earth that recognize the passage of time, that can remember the past and make predictions of the future.

We mourn our dead. We recount with others the stories we remember of our lost loved ones. We comfort one another. In this way we can come to terms with the loss. The grief never leaves us but softens over time.

We alone of God’s creatures (as far as we know) are the only ones who have a hope of another life. A glorified life after death.

It’s a work day for me 8-2:30. While Ella goes to a great niece’s high school graduation party.

Work we crazy again somewhere around one hundred people wanting to checkout, or extend their stay, it move. And then … wait for it … and then the computer system for the campground quit. Just a half hour until the end of my shift and it stopped, showed an error message and would move no further.

Gail came on just prior to the crash. I had printed my closing report so was able to balance my drawer up to the point of the failure.

As I was leaving the club manager was there working on it and calling the software company.

When I returned home, Ella was napping. I dropped the recliner back and took a nap also.

Sometime after four, I woke up to the sound of a mighty wind. It came howling and shaking the trailer like it was mad at us.

The wind was coming from an odd direction … from the east. I checked the weather radar and found a good sized storm to the east of us. About then a weather alert came to our phones, thunderstorm alert with wind of 31 mph.

Ella suggested that it would be a good time to go to the basement of the clubhouse and do laundry. I agreed

We never got a drop of rain and the wind quickly died away.

Goodnight and Good bless.

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