2018 May 30 Wednesday

2018 May 30 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa

Cooler start at 64° with a high of only 85° but still hanging on at 83° at ten thirty tonight.

Ella had a dentist appointment at nine this morning.

When she finished we decided to try the new Grimes cafe again (read yesterday’s post). Once again it was locked up and lights out. Not an auspicious start for this business.

We drove through McDonald’s. Ella had an egg McMuffin and I had the Big Breakfast for a dollar more and Ella are my hash browns.

We played rummikub before lunch and then went home first a nap before I went to work at 2:00.

Ella dropped me of at the fee booth and then she went for our at Village Inn. On the way back into the resort, she stopped to hand a sour cream raisin pie.

At seven o’clock she went to the Adult Center to play Mexican Train dominoes.

I am plumb tuckered out tonight. I think my … ah … thinking thing … ah brain quit an hour ago.

I finished my day at the fee booth a little after nine. Ella was still playing so I walked the quarter mile or less home.

Have a blessed night of rest.

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