2018 June 24 Sunday

2018 June 24 Sunday in Grimes Iowa

We went to the Cozy Cafe for breakfast. We didn’t realize that they head a breakfast buffet until we got there. It was a pleasant surprise.

Ella went up to do site checks only to be told that they didn’t need her. The people who had been doing it were back from vacation. It would have been nice to be in the loop on that information.

While I was waiting for Ella to find out she didn’t have to work, I heard a motorcycle revving. I turned in time to see a red bike go rocketing down the the road reved as high as it could go. Then I heard the crash.

As Ella was getting into the car, the sirens started. Police and ambulances started to arrive from both directions. I hope he survived.

Since we were all buckled in, I decided to drive to McDonald’s for some shakes.

When we arrived home, Ella stopped to feed the birds before coming inside. She got in just ahead of the rain.

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