2018 June 28 Thursday

2018 June 28 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

69° and overcast so no sunrise photo.

And here it’s something you done usually see together: sever thunderstorm followed by high heat warning.

As usual we went to the cafe for coffee with friends.

Then to the senior center for games and lunch.

Fast Track of course was played. We had a new player today who is up here from Kansas City for a short time. He is competing in Jazzercise back in Missouri and came to the community center for that and discovered the senior center in the same building.

Lunch was pulled pork and coleslaw.

With pumpkin pie.

We had a special speaker who came to talk to us about ways to keep your mind sharp. Keeping Your Wits

We were invited to John and Dawn for supper and a game of Uno.

When we arrived we found grandson Brandon sitting on the floor in the living room, cleaning his gun.

On the way home, I captured this shot of the sky.

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