Having recently resurrected a post from 2011 on preparing to spend a northern winter in an RV, I thought perhaps I should write an article about how to prepare for spending the summer in the heat in an RV.

First of all once the temps have passed the mid-80s, the sun is not your friend. So our first goal is to block the Sun.

If at all possible, find a shady spot with airflow. If it’s too dense with underbrush you won’t be able to take advantage of those cooler evening breezes.
Room darkening window shades are good start.

Reflectix® or some similar product that looks like shiny aluminum bubble wrap, it’s great stuff. You cut it to size and place it in the windows to reflect the Sun and insulate from the outside heat.

Vent pillows with one reflective side or with a square of that Reflectix ® block the Sun from coming into your RV ceiling vents.

If you’re in the shade leave one of those vents open a little to let the heat escape.

Awnings over the windows help to keep you in the shade.

Now that you’ve done your best to keep the Sun out, the next areas for comfort is airflow and humidity. The air conditioner, obviously, is the best way to handle those two things. However there are things that you can do to help. Take the AC fan off of AUTO and put it on ON. That way your fan will run even when the air conditioner is not, and keep the air flow going. Auxiliary fans are a bonus.

A dehumidifier works wonders as do chemical moisture absorbers.

The human body cools through evaporation. That is, perspiration that evaporates off of your skin cools the body. When there’s high humidity you are unable to effectively cool yourself. So by using a dehumidifier, you allow your body’s natural system to work better.

Okay so we have blocked the outside heat from getting in, now let’s eliminate generating heat as much as possible. Turn off and unplug anything that you’re not using. Swap out your light bulbs for LEDs which produce almost no heat and as a bonus use a lot less electricity. Avoid cooking inside. Eat out, eat cold meals, grill out, or use the microwave rather than the stove.

Also plan your meals so that can get a weeks worth of cooking at one time and then just reheat as needed. Also do your cooling in the morning while it is still cooler outside.

And here’s an extra tip: your grey water tank and your black water tank don’t like the heat either. Keep plenty of water in them to eliminate odors. You may also need to add extra chemicals during hot weather.

Also for yourself, drink plenty of fluids and avoid salt which can add to the risk of dehydration. (By the way some people say that caffeine will dehydrate you) Recent studies show that that is not true. So go ahead and enjoy your caffeine, if you must.

Wear loose-fitting clothing of natural fabrics.
And most of all relax and chill out.

Visit my daily devotions blog. https://musingsdevotions.wordpress.com/

And my sermons blog http://thomasewilliams.blogspot.com/?m=1

Visit my daily devotions blog. https://musingsdevotions.wordpress.com/

And my sermons blog http://thomasewilliams.blogspot.com/?m=1


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