2018 August 10 Friday

2018 August 10 Friday in Grimes Iowa

68° and mostly clear at 4:30 this morning. Got a little hazy and climbed up to 80° and stayed there until sundown.

My CPAP machine ran out of distilled water over night. That means that my sinuses and throat were extremely dry this morning. When that happens then all my mucus making cells go into hyperdrive to make up for lost time. And I got the nose drips.

Since I was awake, I worked on the sermon for this coming Sunday.

When Ella came out and started rattling Panda around, u realizes how late it was.

Normal morning except going to Burger King for breakfast. They really need to hire some help. It appeared that there was only one person running the counter as well as the drive though and one working the kitchen.

There was time for coffee with the gang at the cafe before going the the senior center.

I had time for a short nap before going to work at 3:00 p.m. I worked until 10.


G’nite y’all!

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