2018 August 12

2018 August 12 in West Des Moines and Iowa

66° at days beginning and reached a high of 92° and does to 77° at bedtime.

I snapped this photo as we were leaving home on the way to emergency room at Methodist West Medical Center.


This morning I woke 4:30 with lips, tongue, and throat swollen. I had a terrible time sleeping because I itch all over.

6 o’clock came and I awakened Ella and told her that I lneeded to go to the emergency room. I had Ella call Stoney to ask him to cover the worship service for me. Unfortunately he was taking Sue to the emergency room at Mercy West. We are sitting in the ER at Methodist West which it’s just .3 miles from where we are.

They got a PICC line in and a shot of Benadryl, steroids, and something else pepsin or something like that.

As is got closer to time for worship, Ella called out to Cutty’s and told them to hang a sign on the door of the Adult Center saying “No worship today”. I really hated to do that but I could hardly talk. I guess the only bright side here is that I have next week’s bulletins and sermon ready.

Another shot of Benadryl at about 11:15. It had started working on the swelling. However the itching has subsided and I have a rash all over my body, on arms, face, on my head, and in my beard, as well as the non public parts.

Having had neither breakfast not lunch, when we left the ER around 2, we went to Village Inn for lunch we them took the prescriptions to the pharmacy. We them shipped for a time. Shortly after 4 I received a text message that the prescriptions had been filled. So we went back, got the prescriptions, and checked out. Came home I rested while Ella went to water some plants for some friends who are out of town. Beyond that I did nothing of importance until bedtime.


.G’nite y’all!

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