2018 September 17 Monday

2018 September 17 Monday in Grimes Iowa

71° and hazy. A beautiful morning around the Cutty’s lake

And speaking of the lake, I see they’re beginning to work on raising and reinforcing the dam at the end of our lake.

We took muffins with us to share with our friends at the clubhouse. Sue and Stoney weren’t there this morning because Sue was having a lumpectomy to remove cancer from her breast. Ella had a similar surgery twelve years ago. So we have some idea of what they are going through.

Keith and Jean, and Francis and Sandy left our little coffee circle around 9:30. So, we left also.

That put us at the senior center a little early so we helped set up games and things.

Of course we played Fast Track until lunch was served.


G’nite y’all!

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