2018 September 18 Tuesday

2018 September 18 Tuesday in Grimes Iowa

72° and mostly cloudy start and then rain until evening. Reached a high of 80°.

Sue and Stoney weren’t home this morning the recover from her surgery yesterday. Sandy and Francis were helping a grandson deliver papers this morning, and Keith was working the gate. That left only Jean, Ella and I to have coffee at the clubhouse.

On the way to the senior center, the Western sky looked dark and rainy. I asked Ella if it was supposed to rain. She said there was no rain in the forecast until Thursday. About a half hour later it poured and the wind blew. And continued into the evening.

Cheeseburger soup was the main course for today’s lunch. It wasn’t as good as you might expect. And I didn’t expect much.

We came home and watched Netflix. We’re on a free trial period. Just had it for a few days now. So far, so good. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Doctor Strange, Despicable Me 3, Black Panther, Steve Martin and Martin Short, and first episode of the new Lost in Space. Tried watching Broadchurch but couldn’t understand most of the dialogue because of the accents. Ella watched some chick flick but even she can’t remember the name of it.

Another day down. Another day closer to heading home to Texas. I’m tired of Iowa. I’m tired of working the fee booth (3 days left). And I’m disappointed that our Iowa family couldn’t or didn’t spend more time with us. Family is the real reason we return to Iowa. For that matter, it’s the reason we return to Texas also. Family.

G’nite y’all!

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