2019 June 18 Tuesday


2019 June 18 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

62° and cloudy

Interesting sunrise before the sun hid behind the denser, darker clouds.

We took a little drive along the lake this morning before I was dropped off at work. The lake looked so calm and peaceful even under the overcast sky.

A little tweaking of the color balance and exposure makes it almost postcard perfect.

About 8:30 a light rain passed through, too light to even settle the dust.

My niece, Kara, came for a short visit today. She is working far too many hours for someone 62 years old and is looking very worn

Around 3:00 we had a pretty substantial rain that lasted several hours. However, when I checked the rain gauge it had only a few drops in it.

Not much of a sunset but got a little color after all.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

Day 23


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