2019 July 25 Thursday


2019 July 25 Thursday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

63° and mostly cloudy, except on the eastern horizon. It reached 81° before an early evening rain shower moved through.

Morning sunshine a little later than usual today

This was the gang at Cutty’s cafe this morning. We were down a couple (see yesterday’s post) but still were able to come up with some words of wisdom.

Ella and I were dressed as Mr and Mrs Claus today. It was Christmas in July at the Grimes senior center. I had a few folks sit on my lap for pictures. In the same community center as the seniors group, a very large group (40+?) of pre teens were practicing a play. I walked in wearing the full Santa suit and surprised them. I didn’t stay. I was just dropping in to make sure they were going to continue to be good for the next 6 months.


Photos of Santa and friends.

In the evening, we drove up to the cafe and found some of the usual suspects, who had come up for pulled pork sandwiches.

We had gone for a drive when Ella decided that she needed to feed the ducks. There is female white duck that has two yellow and two black ducklings.

Lyn, a long time friend called and asked if we wanted to meet for Chinese for supper. Yes. Sowe made arrangements to meet at 6:30 at the only Chinese restaurant in Grimes. We arrived a little early and saw the sign that read, “We close today”. I called to tell Lyn and we made plans to meet at Cozy Cafe.

We ate and visited until after they had locked the doors. It is nice to have friends like that.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

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