2019 July 26 Friday


2019 July 26 Friday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

63° and mostly cloudy and reached 88° with done high gusty winds.

I worked 8-3:30 today. We were kept moderately busy all day which is the way I like it.

Friday night is Card Jackpot art Cutty’s adult center. We had four tables of four each. Each table had a deck of cards. The cards are dealt so that everyone has 13 cards. There is a deck of oversized cards that is shuffled and then turned over 1 at a time and that card called (like in bingo) the person at each table who has that card discards it into the center of the table. The person(s) who discard their final card yells, “Jackpot”. They win the pot for that round. If there are more than one winner, they split the pot. There are 10 rounds at a nickle and the final round is played for a quarter.

God bless and g’nite

All content (except quotations) ©2019 Thomas E. Williams

day 43/81


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