2019 July 29 Monday


2019 July 29 Monday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa 67° and hazy. Topped out at 82° which was a little relief. It stayed hazy again. There are various fires in the US southwest. I don’t know of that’s why we’ve been hazy lately.

The morning hazeness made the sun look like a small yellow ball in a white sky. Maybe an egg yoke lost in the white of the egg.

Just before sunset last night we received some light rain. However, just after midnight it rained hard. I was not surprised to find 3/4″ in the rain gauge.

Cutty’s Cafe is still our usual morning meeting place but today there were only 6 out us.

I gave up fighting the leg pain and went to the local clinic for injections in my knees. By bed time I could really notice the difference. I’m not close to painfree. However, it it’s a lot more manageable now.

From the clinic we made it to the senior center for lunch. I had not signed up for a meal, so I became a “walk up” and needed to go last in line. That was not a problem, there was a lot of food left over. My only concern is that there was both cabbage and broccoli today. That much vitamin K may adversely affect my blood’s clotting ability. I’ll know Thursday when I check my INR.

Then home for a rest before going to work. I was at the gate from 2-9.


God bless and g’nite

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day 46/82 my last day of work in July. And due to a clerical error, I will have 6 days in a row that I don’t work in August. What will I do to fill that time?


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