2019 July 30 Tuesday


2019 July 30 Tuesday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

62° and sunny. Reached 81 before quickly dropping into mid and low 70s. Looks like another night with the windows and doors ooen

If it hadn’t been for Sue’s granddaughters, our coffee group would have been REALLY small today. Ella and I shared a scrambler platter for breakfast at the cafe. Not bad for prepackaged frozen scrambled eggs. There is no grill in the cafe. Some ovens, microwaves, a crazy oil frying machine, and crockpot.

A few people getting in some miniature golf at Cutty’s this morning

Lunch at the Grimes senior center. Followed by a health talk from a nurse who checked blood pressures today.

We made a grocery run after lunch. We made a pact that we would not return to Wal-Mart this week. It seems that is has been averaging at least every two days lately. Maybe more because sometimes it was twice a day. We have enough. No more perishables needed for a week or two. Other than breakfast we seldom eat at home except on the weekends. And this week we have Ella’s family reunion on the weekend. So we will easy there Saturday and probably leftovers on Sunday. In the meanwhile we now have 3 different varieties of squash in the fridge one of which I detest, one I like and one that I tolerate.

God bless and g’nite

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These were our wedding cake toppers 25 1/2 years ago.

day 83 in Iowa


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