2019 October 26 Saturday


  • 2019 October 26 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

slept longer than usual today. Then I continued to lay in bed for quite awhile after that. Therefore there is no sunrise photo today.

About 8 3/4 hours of sleep! I’m usually lucky to stay asleep for 6 hours. And the added bonus of having no where to go and nothing to do. Yay!

e managed to get quite a bit of cleaning and clearing things away. Some things still don’t have their place, as in a place for everything and everything in its place.

everal packages arrived today containing 28oz. canned meats (chicken, ground beef, and beef roast). We discovered Keystone canned meats by accident several years ago. When you live full-time in an RV, storage space is at a premium and never more so than in the standard RV freezer and refrigerator. Keeping fresh or frozen meat had sometimes been a challenge. Also we are away from home nearly all day everyday. So it is convenient to be able to open a can of the main ingredient in most entrees, meat. (No I’m not sponsered by them and make nothing if you purchase their products.)

The sky was clear of clouds, so the sunset was just, the sky, the sun, and the horizon.

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 26 in our Texas home.

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