2019 October 31 Thursday


  • 2019 October 31 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

nce the sun came up … yes,

sunshine! … It began to warm, especially my soul. This is the sun lighting the living room curtain.

early every Thursday I post something about being at the Over the Hill Gang. So I did a video walkthrough to show the place to you. Video. And below are some photos to show how it fills up at lunch time.

es the police are on hand at nearly every meeting. They come and greet people and hand us the trays as we go through the serving line. One of them also makes ice cream in the machine every week unless called away on duty.

hese are the leftovers from lunch. Many will come back for second servings or to fill a to-go container.

ontinued emptying of the topper in preparation for the shelving I will install. I’m also working to water/weather proof it.

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 31 in our Texas home

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