2019 November 21 Thursday


  • 2019 November 21 Ella’s birthday Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

t began raining about 7:30 this morning. It quit raining about 7:35. It didn’t even register on the radar.

y internal clock woke me at 5 and I started working on a devotion for the day. Then I worked more on the sermon that I began yesterday.

I was passed by an ambulance and a fire truck this morning as I was on my way to work. It appears that there was an accident on Highway 29 East of the intersection with 183 at Seward Junction.

nother exciting day at the mall. It would be nice to have enough people to play bridge. Not that we’d play cards, but still it would be nice to have 4 people shopping somewhere in the mall.

opefully, when the schools go on break, we will see more kids. Last year the kids were already on break but this time. However, Thanksgiving it’s 6 days later this year. Which also means that the shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are also nearly a week fewer.

God bless and g’nite.

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