2019 December 06 Friday

2019 December 06 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

e slept quite comfortably last night with neither heat not air conditioner running. Is like to keep the electric bill under $100 this month.

nother clear Texas sky to begin our day. The stars were shining brightly when I woke this morning Orion’s constellation was close to disappearing over the horizon.

udolf the Red-nosed pick up was very thirsty this morning. It took over 22 gallons to top off his 25 gallon tank. He needed to bye full and ready to fly because Santa will be making a home visit with Willoh (2.5), Layla (2), Asher (2), Ammon (6 mo.), and Omari (2 mo) in Lago Vista this evening.

have a lot to say about today but considering I left home at 8 this morning and I didn’t get home till 9 this evening, I’m not saying it right now. I’m going to bed.

God bless and g’nite.

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