2020 January 20 Monday

2020 January 20 Monday MLK Day in Liberty Hill, Texas gain I slept well and could have slept longer if the alarm had not awakened us. However, Ella had an appointment for a CT scan first thing today. e were on the road before sunrise this morning. At times it was difficult seeing the roadContinue reading “2020 January 20 Monday”

2020 January 18 Saturday

2020 January 18 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas About nine o’clock the sun broke through the clouds. lept a little bit more and a little bit better. That, at least, is movement in the proper direction. t was plenty warm inside until the stun went down. I’m constantly amazed at view much passive solar heatContinue reading “2020 January 18 Saturday”

2020 January 14 Tuesday

2020 January 14 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas OG! More fog. The fog cleared by mid day but remained overcast until late afternoon. The afternoon sun streaming through the windows raised the inside heat to the place that I closed the door and activated the air conditioner. e drove into the urologist in Cedar ParkContinue reading “2020 January 14 Tuesday”

2019 December 27 Friday

2019 December 27 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas essiry, now that there is some honest-ta-god fog! That ain’t some ya-I-kin-drive-full- speed-through-that fog. (Pardon my accent) h, it’s way better now that the sun is up. (Said tongue in cheek) worked on the inside of the topper today. I put down a sort of subfloor withContinue reading “2019 December 27 Friday”

2019 December 23 Monday

2019 December 23 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas re-dawn from my deck at home. I took this shot as I was leaving at seven o’clock to go to work. This was the next to last day for the season. he sun was just peeking over the treetops when I arrived at Lakeline Mall this morning.Continue reading “2019 December 23 Monday”

2019 December 22 Sunday

2019 December 22 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas he fog wasn’t bad this morning from our deck at home. However, it was soon noticeable once we were on the road. The further into Leander that I went the denser the fog became. By the time I drove into Cedar Park it was less foggy. IContinue reading “2019 December 22 Sunday”

2019 December 21 Saturday

2019 December 21 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas og was the big story on today’s trip into Lakeline Mall. Also of Interest, I saw a car run a red light. Fortunately I saw him coming and did not pull out in front of him. Just another reason people should not be driving the speed limitContinue reading “2019 December 21 Saturday”

2019 December 20 Friday

2019 December 20 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas There is no sunshine this morning therefore no Sunrise photographs mm, warmer this morning, but do you see the predicted high for today? Yep, just three degrees warmer than the current temperature ork started an hour early this morning on the Santa set in anticipation of moreContinue reading “2019 December 20 Friday”

2019 December 19 Thursday

2019 December 19 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas awoke this morning with a sneezing spell. That’s not a good thing for Santa. ood morning, sun. It’s nice to see you on this cold Texas daybreak. usiness on the Santa set is puking up. I expect tomorrow to be very busy indeed, because the local schoolsContinue reading “2019 December 19 Thursday”

2019 December 18 Wednesday

2019 December 18 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t got right down chili last night. I had to even close my bedroom window. And for a change, I slept under the sheet and the comforter. Ella also had a fleece blanket throw over her. he drive into work was uneventful other than dropping Ella offContinue reading “2019 December 18 Wednesday”