2019 December 24 Tuesday

2019 December 24 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

ggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast before Ella and I headed for Lakeline Mall. Ella came along to get pictures taken with Santa today.

his was the view from our deck as we were leaving home this morning. The sky was bright, but no add-in

nd this was the sun almost coming over the horizon as we arrived at the mall.

worked 8-12. It’s done. No more children and adults to sit on Santa’s lap or give him hugs. Today I had many adults and late teens to sit on my lap for pictures. I also had a few children, who had previously had pictures taken, stand in line and wait their turn just to talk to Santa again.

tar Buffet was my choice for lunch. Ella had suggested a steak house. Though that sounded good, I felt like more variety than steak, potato, and broccoli.

e had to stop at Wal-Mart for prescriptions and odds and ends. However, we arrived shortly after they closed for lunch.

hen it was home to rest before going in to Liberty Hill for the Children’s Christmas performance at Cross Tracks Church. You could tell that most of them had worked hard on their parts.

Candlelight service followed the children. Lots of scriptures and lots of singing.

God bless and g’nite

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  • Day 83 in our Texas home
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