2020 February 09 Sunday

2020 February 09 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

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slept just under six hours this morning. However, I awakened on my own without the aid of an alarm.

ixty two degrees this morning. No wonder I was too warm under the covers last night. No sunrise photo because putt the heavy clouds cover.

astor John Saint’s sermon “THE COURAGE TO BE” was insightful.

s I was using my phone this morning and entering in a message, I got a piece of glass from the cracked screen protector in the tip of my finger.

o once worship and Sunday school were over, we went to Verizon to get a new screen protector. We went to the store closest to home. They did not have one. Rather than drive to the next closest one, I called them and gave them the information about my phone. They said they had one and It was $38.00.

ather than drive to that store, I went to Amazon. My search brought up several options that fit my phone. They ranged in price from $7.99 for a pack of three to $19.99 for a pack of two. Both with guaranteed next day delivery. I ordered the cheapest.

o sunset photo because there was no visible sunset.

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