2012 January 26

2012 January 26 We began the day with pancakes and sausage at an event at Highland Lakes UMC.  The Cub Scout pack that they sponsor was selling pancakes and breakfast tacos as a fundraiser.  When we got there, there was a tangle of boys under one of the tables.  They were huddled under there watching cartoons on aContinue reading “2012 January 26”


2013 January 24 Adapting a small TV stand to bedding storage

Adapting a small TV stand to bedding storage. I had this small TV stand/cart and have been using behind my recliner in the living room area of our Hitch Hiker 5th wheel.  I realized that nearly everything stored on it was extra bedding, the thought s-l-o-w-l-y sunk in that maybe it should be in the bedroom! Duh! Huh?Continue reading “2013 January 24 Adapting a small TV stand to bedding storage”

2013 January 19 Saturday

The photo makes this glorious pre-dawn look almost foreboding.  It wasn’t. Yesterday (January 18 – Friday) after our morning coffee groups, we took a drive.  We ended up in Burnet (for those not from these parts, it is not pronounced Bur-net.  It is Burn-it and pronounced very quickly).  We stopped and refilled our empty 3Continue reading “2013 January 19 Saturday”