2108 January 27 Saturday

2018 January 27 Saturday This is a “free” day for us. There is nothing on our schedule.  This will give Ella another day to recover from her bronchitis or cold or whatever it is that has been hanging on for so long.Screenshot_20180127-101503.png

It is another “no sunrise” day just a lot of high fog. Overnight temperature was 56°. We have an 80% chance of rain today. That’s not a bad thing at all. This little section of Texas could use a good rain to refill the stock-ponds, rivers, and lakes.

I think I’ll use this free day to get caught up on some reading. Our EnoughSunday school class is reading the book “ENOUGH, Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity” by Adam Hamilton. I’ve only read the first couple of chapters but I wish I’d read (and followed) his advise years ago. I also think that every RVer should read it because it speaks to the lifestyle most of us have chosen to follow.

The other book that I’m reading is “Acts 29” by Dr. Terry TyklActs 29. I’ve only just started with it but the premise is that the new testament book of Acts of the Apostles didn’t end at chapter 28. That it is continuing to be written now by the actions of today’s followers of Jesus the Christ.


My other planned activity for the day is to work on a sermon idea that has been percolating in my brain for a while now. If you would like to see some of the  sermons that I’ve posted on my Armchair Sermons blog, go to ThomasEWilliams.blogspot.com.

New Doc 2018-01-27_1.jpg

2018 January 26

2018 January 26 Friday we awoke to a gray overcast day (no sunrise photo today). It reached a low of 47° overnight, which is a warmer low temperature than we’ve had lately. Even so, the furnace ran off and on all night to keep it about 62-64° in the trailer.

We left for the Leander Senior Center on Bagdad at around 9:30.

When we arrived, everybody, that was playing MVIMG_20180126_113213.jpga game, was MVIMG_20180126_101823.jpgplaying Rummikub. There was no room for us in the game. Ella and I got out the dominoes and played Mexican Train.

Before lunch the staff brought out individual bowls of tortilla chips and salsa. That was followed by a warm peach cobbler. When lunch was served, it was a bean (and meat?) burrito. The side dish (which I declined) was a soggy mass of over cooked peas, green beans, carrots, and squash all. The salsa was the best part of the meal, in my opinion.

No one wanted to stay after lunch to play games.

We stopped at Dollar General to purchase some olive oil. And then on home to nap time.

I know I’m old, but this last month or so had been really hard on my old bones. So now, I guess, I’m old AND decrepit.

This is a photograph of me that has been “doctored” by an app called Art Filter Photo Editor & Oil Painting Darkroom by Lyrebird Studio




2018 January 25

2018 January 25 Thursday2018-01-25_07.37.05.jpg

When I got out of bed I thought that we were going to go to the Over the Hill Gang for lunch and we hadn’t prepared anything to take and share. Luckily we had some cake mixes in the cupboard so I quickly mixed one and got it in the oven.

New Doc 2018-01-25_1.jpgWhile it was baking, I got my blood testing done and the results sent off for the doctor to review.

Once the cake was out of the oven, I started breakfast. It was while we were eating breakfast that Ella told me that she wasn’t feeling well enough to go the the OTHG. MVIMG_20180125_112443.jpgI got around and went without her. I didn’t stay to play games afterward but came directly home … with a carton of tortilla soup for Ella.

While she was having lunch, I washed the few dishes that I’d dirtied making the cake.


2018 January 22-24

2018 January 22 Monday2018-01-23_07.33.04.jpg

Because Ella is still ill, we stayed home in the morning and did not go to the senior center for lunch. Ella had a dermatologist appointment in the afternoon

2018 January 23 Tuesday my birthday Ella had a doctor’s appointment at nine. She got a shot in the butt, a nebulizer treatment, and earwax removed. By the time we 

71 years young. This art program took my photo and made it look like a painting. It also accentuated my wrinkles. 

7were out of there it was almost eleven. We went to the senior center in time for lunch.



We picked up one of Ella’s prescriptions before heading home for a nap.

We went to Adam and Leigha’s for a spaghetti supper to celebrate my birthday.

On the way home we once again stopped at the pharmacy to pick up another prescription.


2018 January 24 Wednesday Ella said, “I think I’m beginning to feel better. I have more of a voice and don’t cough as much.  I’m on antibiotics, the Dr doesn’t like to take chances. Some might think I cough a lot now but it’s nothing like before.”

She was feeling well enough to go to Grandies in the morning but did not go to choir practice in the evening.

2018 January 20-21

2018 January 20 Saturday. It is still foggy this morning with a very welcome 51°.

I got up at 5:30 and started the coffee and then crawled back into bed. It was eight when i actually got up and started breakfast. Ella started in bed until much later.

We have nothing in our schedule for today so she was free to sleep as much as she wants or needs to.


I did have a small amount of laundry to do (Ella had washed all of her clothes prior to leaving Iowa) so I went to the laundromat while Ella napped.


2018 January 21 Sunday I went to worship and Sunday school while Ella remained home. She has no voice left. Between my hearing loss and her squeaky voice, we’re not communicating very well.

After lunch we both napped. My nap was about twenty minutes her’s was several hours. It seems that all she does is sleep. I was concerned that she was just going to spend all of her time in the bed or the recliner so I suggested going out for supper; which we did.

2018 January 19 Friday

2018 January 19 Friday

Ella posted, “Tonight is last night in Iowa until spring. I said the final goodbye to Cindy’s husband Doug, gotten to know my youngest great grandson better, and witnessed the busy schedules of my grown children and grandchildren. It will be good to be home with Tom. And to go to my own doctors. I hope to get to feeling better, but I’ll miss my kids.”

She did arrive home safely. Her flight was due in at 11:55 p.m. and was right on schedule. It is a 50 mile / 50 minute drive one way.

It was foggy due to a warm air mass moving into our area. Somehow the fog seemed fitting. Two weeks ago it was foggy in the morning when she left.

Because of the fog, I left home about 8:45. I still made good time inspite of the weather. It is about ten miles from my door to the toll road. And I took it nearly all the way to the airport, so there were not a lot of stops in-between.

She has had a hacking coughing cold the whole time she’s been gone. She still cannot talk without coughing. Plus she just doesn’t have any voice left.

We arrived back home around 1:30 a.m. and didn’t waste any time going to bed and to sleep.

2018 January 18 Thursday

2018 January 18 Thursday 
My first stop for the day was at Verizon to straighten out what the new guy messed up on Tuesday. I don’t 
really blame him. It was his first day. There was an ice storm. And there was no manager on site to help him. 
However, it took some time talking to the store manager and customer service before they were able to undo 
what he did and get it straightened out. This is really the only concern that I’ve had with the company and I’ve 
been a customer for around two decades. 
My next stop was the Walmart pharmacy. I had placed an order for my blood thinners via their app. The order 
was placed the middle of last week. Yet when I went to the pharmacy on Tuesday, it hadn’t been filled. They 
said that they hadn’t received word from the doctor and would resend the request to him. Well, today I went 
back and they still hadn’t filled the order because they said that the insurance said that it was too soon to refill. 
Since I didn’t have enough to make it through the weekend, I knew that something was wrong. After some 
questioning, I found out that the pharmacy had turned in the FIRST order to the insurance company … but not 
filled it. So when they sent the SECOND request, insurance turned it down. I eventually got it straightened out 
… I hope. They put in in Que to be filled but by that time it was time for me to go to lunch. So, I had to come 
back later. 
I made it to the Bagdad Senior Center in time for a couple games of Mexican Train before lunch. By my count 
there were 22 people there for the meatloaf lunch. 
Once lunch was over, I went back to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions that they finally filled. Then it was 
home. When I got home the water was once again running. Yay! “You don’t miss the water ‘till the well runs 
dry” or when the waterline freezes. It may dip below freezing again tonight so I will let it drip again overnight.