2019 December 19 Thursday

2019 December 19 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas awoke this morning with a sneezing spell. That’s not a good thing for Santa. ood morning, sun. It’s nice to see you on this cold Texas daybreak. usiness on the Santa set is puking up. I expect tomorrow to be very busy indeed, because the local schoolsContinue reading “2019 December 19 Thursday”

2019 December 18 Wednesday

2019 December 18 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t got right down chili last night. I had to even close my bedroom window. And for a change, I slept under the sheet and the comforter. Ella also had a fleece blanket throw over her. he drive into work was uneventful other than dropping Ella offContinue reading “2019 December 18 Wednesday”

2019 December 17 Tuesday

2019 December 17 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas left home a little early this morning because I needed gas in the truck. I got to the gas station only to realize I didn’t have my billfold. Ah oh! I called Ella and ask her to look around home to see if it was there. ItContinue reading “2019 December 17 Tuesday”

2019 December 16 Monday

2019 December 16 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas do not believe that cloudy quite covers. I would have to say it is completely socked in with cloud cover. oday Santa had a little girl who wanted blocks, clothes, and vitamins. We were busy right up to 12. Even though Jessie is alone this morning, photographyContinue reading “2019 December 16 Monday”

2019 December 15 Sunday

2019 December 15 Sunday in San Antonio, Texas his was the sunrise From my motel room Best Western Plus in San Antonio, Texas. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight this morning, woke several times in the night (strange bed and no wife). Woke again at six, worked on editing the sermon for theContinue reading “2019 December 15 Sunday”

2019 December 14 Saturday

2019 December 14 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas The full moon this morning just before sunrise. nd then the Day Star rose. received a call from Kerri before I left home this morning. She still needs help in San Antonio. I will be going to San Antonio after I am done at Lakeline at 2Continue reading “2019 December 14 Saturday”

2019 December 12 Thursday

2019 December 12 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texastrip in from Liberty Hill’s to work today was mostly uneventful. However there were a string of fire trucks that we’re coming up behind me but turned before they got to me. I wonder where they were going? I pray that wherever they’re going everyone will be safe.orContinue reading “2019 December 12 Thursday”

2019 December 11 Wednesday

2019 December 11 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texasou call it haze but I say it is fog. And not just an ordinary fog. This is the fog that drifts slowly around Dracula’s castle. This is the fog that Stephen King would write about. This is the fog I had to drive through this morning.made itContinue reading “2019 December 11 Wednesday”

2019 December 10 Tuesday

2019 December 10 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas t was right down cold last night and this morning. We had not turned any heat on before going to bed. Ella woke up around 3 a.m. and turned on the fireplace. It slowly reached 50° under cloudy skies and then quickly dropped again. It is predictedContinue reading “2019 December 10 Tuesday”

2019 December 09 Monday

2019 December 09 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas n my way to work this morning I followed a gray Chevy truck that seemed to have difficulty staying in any one lane. It would not only drift to the left into the next lane it would drift to the right off of the road. I choseContinue reading “2019 December 09 Monday”