2019 November 02 Saturday


  • 2019 November 02 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

y the way, I just saw that it is a chilly 78° in Miami Florida. We should pray for their safety in this harsh weather. Grinhis morning I laid in bed for quite some time, reading and writing for my devotions blog. With nothing on my “Have To Do” list for today.I have worked to finish the second shelf on the truck topper. I accomplished several things before the drill ran out of power. While it recharged, I rested. I did finish the shelves and started putting things on them. And once again I failed to take a photo.I grilled a couple of huge t-bone steaks for lunch. There was room for the baked potato on the plate. The peas, however, had to wait until we had eaten enough steak and potato to make room for them.At 2:30 the outside temperature wss 71° and the inside was 78° even with the door open. Moo heat, just passive solar.God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 33 in our Texas home

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